1.2 Zero Iteration MagicScript

Zero Iteration, available in The Lab, lets you view MagicScript apps in the Simulator on a computer or stream them to a Magic Leap device without needing to build and deploy them.


Simulator for MagicScript

Zero Iteration provides a simulator to view and debug your MagicScript app without a device. Follow the steps below to launch a MagicScript app in the Simulator.

  1. Launch the Simulator in Zero Iteration. See Zero Iteration for instructions on running Zero Iteration.

  2. Start a command-line session and navigate to your MagicScript app project. Enter the following:

    1. To build the app for Simulator, add the --host, or -h flag:

      magic-script build -h

    2. Navigate to the output directory:

      cd lumin/.out/app

    3. Run the app:

      mxs bin/index.js

The app runs in Simulator on the computer.